Our Mixtape Memories
Our Mixtape Memories
Our Mixtape Memories
Our Mixtape Memories
Our Mixtape Memories

Our Mixtape Memories

Blank Record

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I've made you a Mixtape- AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW - Australia

Share photos, videos and memories, with this perfect gift in a classic retro style.

Once the highest of all loving gestures, the Mixtape is now, in the 21st century, grossly impractical. And what a loss this is! As a personal, thoughtful gift that proved the giver had put in a huge amount of effort, was it not the perfect present for a loved one?

Fortunately, Blank Record has designed a unique and innovative solution that combines the digital and the physical. The USB Mixtape allows you to store up to 4GB/8GB/16GB of an unlimited range of files for you to present to your loved one as a thoughtful gift with a novel and fun design. For example, celebrate your best friend’s birthday by giving them a compilation of photos and videos that showcases their life so far. For newlyweds, look back at the memories that define your relationship, from the first date all the way to your honeymoon.

And don’t feel you have to stop there. Eternalise the past by scanning in old photos or handwritten love notes, add those funny text messages with phone screenshots and edits.… Possibilities are endless!

Each tape label can be personalised with your own message and design. For example; "DJ Sam's Mixes", "I Love you Hazel" or "Our Wedding Memories" etc

I’ve Made You A Mixtape: Personal and personalised, it’s a very special gift for that very special someone.


Finish Options

- 4GB/8GB/16GB USB Mixtape + Giftbox (Label design & text shown in image)

- 4GB/8GB/16GB Personalised Mixtape + Giftbox- (Personalised the cassette sticker with your own message) 

For personalised labels, please write your message in the buyers notes when you come to purchase your item.


Shipping from the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom: Estimated 1-2 working days.

Europe: Estimated 3-5 working days. 

United States and Canada: Estimated 5-7 working days.

Australia: Estimated 5-10 working days.

Everywhere else: Estimated 5-10 working days.

A tracking number and signature will be provided if two or more mixtapes are purchased.


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