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Our Location

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sheffield is located in centre of the UK making it an ideal position to provide exceptional product delivery service to clients across the entire kingdom.

The city is located in the county of Yorkshire; an area known for its natural beauty and its rugged terrain.

This natural beauty helps to give Blank Record Ltd an inspirational setting for creativity, new product innovation and blue-sky thinking.

Design Studio

We use a range of software from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator on both MAC and PC hardware. 

Our purpose is to create attractive and desirable retro-themed products with an innovative twist.


Amazing, it arrived fast and works perfectly, what's great is that there is a real cassette inside, which makes it even more amazing. Thank you so much for this, it really was perfect.


Used this to make my husband a mix tape for Valentine's Day... He loved it! It brought back a lot of memories of him making me tapes/CDs while we were dating!


Haven't used it yet as its for a gift but it's FABULOUS!!!!! Arrived within one day and the finish is really professional! Just looks great, would 100% recommend. Thank you :)


Brilliant! The perfect gift for someone who needs nothing! Love it!! Xx


Absolutely fantastic and shipped uber quickly; couldn't be happier.


This was a birthday present for my boyfriend. He turned 30 so I put all the songs that were number one on his birthday from 1988 to 2018. He loved it 😊 thank you so much. X


This is super cute and works perfectly! Plus, it came REALLY quickly! Thanks so much :)


Item arrived exactly as described! Shipping was right on time! Love this store and I hope to buy from again! Thank you!!! ❤️


Thank you for shopping with us

Share photos, videos and memories, with this perfect gift in a classic retro style.